And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. If your work is not attractive to the customer, it will have no followers.

Marketing is the analysis of market needs, understanding the needs of the customer, ways to communicate with him and attract him. The customer is the most essential member for the prosperity of a business and good marketing methods are an integral part of attracting customers.

The newest and most efficient marketing methods are in the hands ofdigianet. Stay with us.

7 of the best marketing strategies in 2020 :

1.Creative content writing

Content writing is not just about textual content and posting on the site. A variety of video, video and audio content also have a special and significant impact. For good marketing, you need to use these four types of content on sites, social networks and even applications.

2.Personalize your marketing content

Marketers need to personalize everything, that is, publish content by analyzing the needs of users and what they want to see.

This personalization is not just about adding each person's first name to the email greeting you send. In fact, you should be familiar with the types of spirits of your users, differentiate their needs, and send and publish a message for each group according to their wishes.

3.Update your content and do not forget the content you have already published

Updating old content is a very important method for marketing. Google also has algorithms that break down the old content of most sites. One of the reasons for updating old content is to prevent collapse by algorithms.

Mark Webster, founder of a leading marketing company, said you can focus on updating old content instead of bursting with new content.

"After conducting tests, we found that updates and simple tricks and more importantly, changing the history of the article on the date of the day would bring our ratings fast," he said.

4.Let's blog out as much as possible for your site.

Another way to improve marketing is to allow more people to create content for your brand through various blogs. This type of strategy is ideal for both parties because they can use this blogging in a guest post to take advantage of their expertise. We can also use their writing to improve and introduce the site.

5.Video content is very important

Video content is another option for site marketing.

"Google's algorithm ranks websites with video content well, which is very important for both marketing and SEO."

6.Do local SEO

Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to announce their online presence across Google. This tool also has the ability to search locally and show the map in Google.

7.Automated emails are very useful for marketing

Automating emails both saves time and sends many more emails at a time.