How to choose a good web design?

In addition to branding as a general case for any business, having a professional site is only the requirements of each work.

Nowadays, anyone who starts up a company or most of the workshops will need a site to introduce and expand their careers. For this reason, the site design is one of the most important topics.

One advantage of digianet is that in addition to the currently popular WordPress sites, the site design is professional with advanced coding. It will also provide you with quality both on account and in terms of functionality. Moreover, it has the ability to create more specific web sites for more specific tasks.

Having a different and appealing site will attract a lot of users, as well as boosting your business.

What is web design?

Web design is a process for building websites that involve different aspects. these aspects consist of the layout of the web page, content production and graphic design of the site.

The two terms web design and web development are usually used interchangeably. Web design is a subset of the wider Web development process if the web design is technically under a subset of the wider Web development process. We have described this in detail in an article on the site.

How are websites created?

Websites are created using a markup language called HTML. Web designers use HTML tags to create content and metadata for each page. The layout and design of a web page is usually defined using CSS. Therefore, most websites are a combination of HTML and CSS that specify how each page is displayed in the browser.

What is HTML language and what does it use?

The abbreviation HTML is the Hyper language, which means the language of the above text. اچ is a language used to design web pages but not as a programming language. In fact, the language does not have dynamic functionality and is merely used for the layout and design design of the site.

As a result, HTML is a language for front-end coding. Programming languages ​​such as Java, C #, Python, etc. are backed up for coding and site operations are used.

What is the CSS language and what does it do?

CSS stands for Style Style, which means cascading papers. The reason for the use of the word waterfall is that style, class, or anything that is placed on a CSS sheet, affects the child elements of the children. For example, if you set the text color in a blue CSS sheet, all of the ها and text paragraphs that are to be written in this sheet will also be blue.

CSS, like HTML, is a markup and front language. This language is used to beautify the site design and give it shape and image.

In fact, the HTML and CSS codes are used together to design the site in the front. Of course, over time, more languages ​​were used to design the site, each of which makes the site more beautiful. JavaScript and Rickett are the most widely used languages ​​along with HTML and CSS.

What methods are used to design a website?

Some web designers prefer to type code pages from scratch with the said code. That is, according to the design for the site, they create zero to one hundred sites with HTML, CSS, etc. code.

Others use "WYSIWYG" editors. This type of editor creates an intuitive interface for web page design, and the software automatically generates the corresponding HTML and CSS code. Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPad and Microsoft Word are some of them.

Another popular way to design websites is to have a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. A CMS is a system whose back-end and front-end code is pre-prepared and provides a template for various websites. In this system, you can easily design and content the site without coding.

Which method to choose for site design? Coding or WordPress?

Each method has its own advantages. Website design with WordPress is both easier and ready in less time. If you need to have a good site that fits your needs quickly, WordPress is a good option. In addition, the cost of creating a site with cms is much less than coding. In contrast, creating a site with dedicated coding requires both more time and a higher cost. But because the features of the site are not specific to the template and the site goes exactly according to your taste, it is very ideal.