landing page's seo

What factors affect the SEO ranking of the site?

Landing page is the first thing that internet users and your customers encounter when visiting the site. Once you have registered your site and company and done marketing and branding related to the site, the number of visitors to your site will increase over time. To visit the site, the first page displayed to the user is your landing page.

After all this effort to brand yourself and attract people to the site, you definitely do not want to lose them because of having a poor landing page.

You need to know that landing page is more important than any other page on your website. If you do not see the results of your efforts or your spam percentage is high, you may have made common mistakes for your site.

The following are the most common mistakes you make with your landing page.

What factors make us not have a good landing page?

landing page's seo

1) Poor audience recruitment process

The process of attracting an audience is a practice that fascinates your audience and motivates them to contact you or buy your product.

Usually what attracts the audience includes inserting bold titles, attractive text snippets and action building on the site and things that will attract the attention of your website visitors.

One of the most common mistakes is when too much information or too many windows are active on the site at the same time. This action makes the site crowded and is very tedious for the visitor. In addition, many elements can slow down your website and thus close the site by the customer.

When you want to start advertising and showing the site to the customer, a lot of time and money is spent on marketing. But if your site does not have a good landing page, all your efforts will be in vain. As a result of improper landing page, you will both lose your audience and be considered worthless in the eyes of Google.

2) Non-responsive site for mobile

Nowadays, due to the fact that mobile has become a constant, most searches and net searches are done with mobile. So in addition to the appearance of the site on desktops and laptops, the appearance of the site on mobile should also be considered.

Most sites still do not have a good and efficient design for mobile and this makes the audience confused. This clutter causes him to leave the site quickly and not even visit the site again. So you have to design all the pages of the site, especially the landing page for mobile.

Prior to 2016, Google based its site ranking on the design of landing pages and other pages. But over time, as the popularity of mobile has grown, so has the way Google's websites are ranked.

Google has decided that if you have both desktop and mobile versions for the site, only the mobile version of the site will be checked and checked by algorithms. Therefore, if your important information is not available in the mobile version, the site will be drastically reduced by Google.

3) A site with an irregular user interface

Your identity and your work and the messages and information you want to convey to the audience should be visible and clear on the home page. Having quality images and logo will increase site visits and introduce it to the audience.

Of course, instead of trying to put all the elements on one page, you should put yourself in the audience's mind and find out what they would like to see on the site. In addition to following the rules, search engines also care about the user-friendliness of the site.

If the user interaction on your website is poor, the search engine will take this into account the irrelevance of the site as it is or the keywords, as a result your ranking will decrease.

4) The site images are not related to its title

Using your own and site-related photos is an important way to generate content and increase your site ranking. In landing page, the use of photos that fit the site and, of course, quality, has a great impact on attracting the audience.

When images taken on a website are taken professionally, the audience becomes more confident in the site and the quality of the work. Especially if the site is a store or to attract customers.

5) No action for the site

What is the meaning of action making?

You need to put elements on the site, especially the landing page, to keep the user more on the page. For example, putting a button that attracts the audience. This button can be used to download PDF content, site photos, polls or anything else that attracts comments.

By clicking that button, the contact will stay on the site for a longer time and this will prevent the site from being spammed. Google also finds that the site is the user's favorite and increases your ranking.

Of course, if too many buttons or actions are used on the site, especially the landing page, it can cause problems. Because it can be confusing for the user and confuse him.

So it is better to be moderate in everything, that is, follow the rules of Google and do not overdo it.

If you can avoid these five common mistakes, you will have a great landing page and you will reach a high ranking in the shortest time.