The web developer creates the basic structure of the website using coding languages, while the web designer focuses on creating a user-friendly and creative look.

A developer usually specializes in designing website elements, and a web designer focuses more on what the user enjoys doing.

What is the job of a web designer?

It is the job of a web designer to make a site look good and to create a beautiful and attractive look for the site by using software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Basically, web design refers to the aesthetics of a website and its usability. A web designer works on the look, layout, and in some cases the content of a website. For example, the appearance of the site is related to the colors, fonts and images used in the website.

Web design used to focus on designing websites for desktop browsers, but since mid-2010, designing for mobile and tablet browsers has also become more important.

In what areas do web designers work?

1.User Experience (UX) Designer

The task of a web UX designer is to make the site an attractive place for visitors. They know exactly how to design a site that the audience will enjoy because of the careful research they do on the features and needs of the site. This will cause more users to visit the site and increase the site's online traffic.

2.User Interface Designer (UI)

A web UI designer helps to improve how users interact with the elements and features of the site. The goal of these designers is to create a site where the user is not confused and can easily learn how to work with it.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UX involves research into building a solid foundation for a positive user experience, while UI focuses on the aesthetics of the website.

3.Visual Designer

Visual Designer is a combination of site UX and UI designer. They have a duty not only to use creative skills to improve the user's visit to the site, but also to solve design problems.

What is the role of a web developer?

A web developer, also called a programmer, designs the structure of a website and actually creates an efficient site. Web developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other programming languages ​​to code their site.

A web developer uses software such as Javascript and JQuery to build the website framework and provide a platform for the web designer to create a beautiful look.

In what areas do web developers work?

1.They are back developers

The backend is where the main structure of the website is designed. These types of developers specialize in programming and using complex coding languages ​​such as Java, php, SQL and C #. What they do is not seen by users because it involves coding on web servers and databases, not in the browser.

2.They are the developers of Front

Front developers are known as user-side developers. They code the look and feel of the site in languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and what the user sees.

3.Full Stack Developer

This type of developer is both a backend and a front programmer. They specialize in all areas of programming.

Web developers may choose an easy way to maintain and update their website, using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla, to simplify development and give the user access.


Usually, the two topics of site design and site development are used interchangeably, and most people consider them to be one, although there are people who can do both. Many companies also have their own designers who create the website design and then outsource it to a programmer who completes the development phase. Of course, many people today call site design both a site with a content management system such as WordPress and a site with backend and front coding.